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The Company
Alert Pump Services has been servicing the Mining and Petroleum industry for over 15 years. From small beginnings it has moved forward to become an innovative partner in the industry. The ever changing world of the Petroleum Industry needs partners that can understand their needs and come up with the best solutions for them.

Company Mission
The client not only comes first but becomes a partner. liaiSing closely with the client ensures that all parties are confident and in agreement with the final outcome of the project or service rendered. In the same way the company has strong and lasting bonds with its suppliers. Thus ensuring that the excellent service that is received can also be extended to our clients. Creating a cost effective solution for our clients is very important to us. We stay up to date with new developments in the industry and make sure that our technical skills develop with the industry. Being a company with a small management staff, it is able to have a hands-on approach to every detail-from negotiations to commissioning - of every project.

Alert Pump Services has a level 4 BEE - rating. Looking out for the community and those inside the - company is a major priority. Working mostly on the mines and with Petroleum projects we have a very good Health and Safety
management system in place. Our staff is made aware of all hazards and we have been able to operate accident and incident free for over 15 years. The company has clients all across Africa and are apt in working abroad. We have completed successful projects in:
01.Tanzania for De Beers,
02.Angola for Bevcan.
03.Botswana for Chevron
04.Botswana Pandamatenga for Kwanokeng Trading
05.Tete, Mozambique for VALE Oderbrech

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