how to use this site

It's easy to search ....

Stop, think about what you really want. Really think...

  1. Type the term in the space provided and the area or area code (or leave blank if you are uncertain of the area) e.g. plumber Sandton , plumber 011
  2. Hit GO
  3. Read the result

Should the search term be misspelled, then the spell checker will try to find the closest match and will supply the best 3 matches for your search term. As we have geo-coded our entire customer base, please include the area or dialing code to get the closest match.

The search panel accommodates 3 types of directory search possibilities

  • is the term a category or part thereof
  • is it a company name or part thereof
  • or is it a physical location / address or dialing code / or part thereof.If there is more than one word entered in the search panel, then the system will:
  • see if one or more of the words are an area and mark it as such
  • use the remaining words as our search term
  • a larger phrase will have search priority over a smaller phrase
    eg : civil engineering East London
  • we isolate "East London" as an area
    we will attempt to find "civil engineering" in East London
    if we have no luck we will attempt areas close to East London
    if still no luck we will try "civil engineering" with a specified area
    finally we will try either civil or engineering but not necessarily both

use " " to encapsulate a phrase you don’t want broken up
eg: if you want "cape town" but not results that might have only "cape" or only "town" then put it in quotes
eg: "cape town"

Keyword search (Search the web)

You can search for anything on the web right here from the EasyInfo search bar!

  • Type in the keywords e.g. plumber pretoria
  • Select the "search the web" option
  • Click on "GO"

Herewith some search hints !

SEARCH HINTS: or how to get the best from
• Limit your search to an area by typing the area name OR 3 digit phonecode : eg plumber pretoria OR plumber 012
• By default the search will include easyinfo business categories, company names, addresses and any text on a companies website. You can limit results to a smaller subset by using the radio buttons under the search box.

Place a minus sign immediately before a word to have it excluded from the results eg: shoe -stores will look for any companies matching the word shoe but remove those matching the word store
• Search for an exact phrase by encapsulating it in quoatation marks eg: "shoe repairs"
• The auto complete feature will list easyinfo categories matching your searchword.

Map search help

  1. Please select a town or city from the City/Town: dropdown box if you want to search in a specific town or city. Leave the City/Town: box empty if you are not sure of the town or city.
  2. Enter two or more letters in the Street: edit box to search for a street beginning with the specified letters. If you cannot find a specific street try to use fewer letters as the spelling in the database may differ from your knowledge of the spelling.
  3. Please don't enter any street extensions such as street, drive or avenue in the Street: edit box.
  4. If you want to you can also enter two or more letters in the Suburb: edit box to refine your search to a specific suburb. This is not required however, and the map database's suburb boundary may differ from your knowledge of the suburb.
  5. Click on the Your browser may not support display of this image.button to start your search, or click on the Your browser may not support display of this image.button to go back and select a new search type. You can start your search while the map is still loading.