how to use this site

Who is is a business focusing on the dissemination of information from Suppliers to Users. We do this through various mediums and contact points being :
• Print
• Online
• WAP, and
• Large closed user group Intranets

In an informative Directory which has been developed with the consumer in mind who is looking for solutions.

My advert is not featuring ?

There is a problem with content that has not been provided timeously and the deadline has been missed for that particular publication or you have payment issues that need to be resolved – For production related queries please contact Angelique and for Payment related issues please contact Patsy Armstrong on 011 628-9700

My Company Information is incorrect what can I do?

Simply contact or call Irene on 011 628-9600 and she will update your records immediately.

What is the Online Directory?

The Online Directory is an environment on the Web whereby a Searcher can obtain contact details for business services and related companies etc. listed on the website.

What is the WAP Directory?

This is a Mobile listing available to clients for our users who access our site via their mobile phones looking for a service or product in a specific area.

What is the PRINT Directory?

The Print publication is a publication is a directory which gets printed on a regional basis and distributed through strategic channels to get to relevant targeted homes through knock and drops, inserts and mail. These make up the 8 000 000 booklets that get circulated a year making us one of the biggest print directory distributors in South Africa

What are the costs involved for advertising?

We have a rate card available on the advertise with us site which will give you an indication on the costs , we are however not only a media provider but like to be seen as a solutions provider , so I suggest that you contact a sales executive to come through and see you and do a needs analysis on your requirements and plan your spend accordingly.

Do I have to provide the advert? will design an advert for you based on the package that is selected, our production team will ensure that you approve the advert before going live to ensure that you are completely satisfied with what has been created.

How do I pay you?

We will sign a marketing agreement with you and will structure your payment plan to suite your budget. This will include an initial deposit and monthly payments thereafter either via invoice, debit order or direct deposit.