company information
EasyInfo has established itself as the first and leading online directory in South Africa. Directories have proven to be the key area for both home and business service and equipment enquiries. EasyInfo has established a cross media presence incorporating Internet, Print editions and more recently Mobile in order to maximize and leverage exposure for clients and value offerings to customers looking for information.

Our key aim is to make it easy and convenient to find the information at every point of contact albeit it through the Website, Print, Mobile or Intranets which our customers as users of EasyInfo require or have access to. We have over the twelve years continuously developed EasyInfo in terms of search, categorization and content as well as extended the range of services into EasyGuides namely, Bridal , Carguide, household, Garden and Home, Office, Entertainment and other areas of interest within EasyServices such as News feeds , Weather guides, Maps, Dialing codes for users looking to seek assist in providing a holistic information service.

EasyInfo is appreciative of users and advertisers who work with us to improve our product and brand in a competitive and monopolistic environment. Along with over 250 members
of staff, we look to continue to innovate in the market and develop ongoing relationships with customers continually working on improving advertisers response rates and product development.

EasyInfo has its head office in Houghton, Johannesburg with branches in Pretoria, Cape Town Bloemfontein, Durban and the West Rand.