General Background

The East Rand Campus of the Vaal Triangle Technikon was established in 1995 with the intention to bring tertiary education to the inhabitants of the East Rand region. Classes are presently presented in rented facilities in Kempton Park:

  • The Department of Business Sciences shares facilities with Rhodesfield High School on the corner of Catalina and Ventura Streets.
  • The departments of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Computer Science and Information Technology, Graphic Design and Tourism are accommodated in the Constance building, Koedo Street Birchleigh.
It is envisaged that the East Rand Campus will occupy its own facilities in the near future on the land allocated to the Vaal Triangle Technikon by the Kempton Park/Tembisa Metropolitan Council. Construction of the new campus will begin in 2001.

Day (08:00 – 17:00) and evenings (18:00 – 22:00) classes are presented in 11 different courses.

Contact address:

The Campus DirectorTelephone:(011) 394-5594
Vaal Triangle TechnikonFax:(011) 394-7250
East Rand
Private Bag X025
1620 Kempton Park

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Technikon Academic Qualifications

The Technikon qualification structure includes diplomas and degrees on post matriculation (grade 12) level.

N. DipNational diploma3 years
B. Tech Bachelors degree in Technology 3 = 1 = 4 years
M. Tech Master’s degree in Technology 4 + 1 = 5 years
D. TechDoctor’s degree in Technology5 + 1 = 6 years

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General Academic Information

Admission requirements
The minimum admission requirement is Grade 12 or an equivalent qualification (i.e. N3, which is considered as standard grade) with at least 4 subjects passed on the higher or standard grade including a pass mark in the language or instruction of the technikon, namely English. Selection will be based on a point scale of matric symbols and candidates may be required to undergo aptitude, placement or faculty-related tests as an additional criteria for selection. Recognition for other subjects can also be granted to candidates who passed relevant subjects at other approved educational institutions.

Admission: Scale
Marks are allocated to the grade 12 symbols obtained in order to calculate a standard value by which prospective students can be evaluated for admission. Note: Each course has its own admission value with further requirements.



Bonus points (depending on the course) may be allocated for compulsory or recommended school subjects.

Year marks
The year mark forms part of the academic evaluation process and the objective is to motivate students to work hard during the semester with the intention to use the year mark to his/her own benefit in the examination. The following are applicable:

  • The year mark is valid for the first main examination and if additional examination deem to be necessary it can be used in the two consecutive main examinations following the first main examination.
  • Should a candidate wish to improve a year mark, he/she must re-register for the particular subject in which case the existing year mark expires.
  • The pass mark per subject/module is 50% which consists of an examination mark as well as a year mark. Normally the year mark contributes to 40% of the final examination mark. A candidate must have a sub-minimum of 40% in the examination script to pass. An examination script mark less than 40% will be indicated as a fail (FR) due to failure to achieve a sub-minimum.
  • Where continuous evaluation (100% year mark) is prescribed in a subject, i.e. no examination needs to be written in the subject, a final semester mark of 50% must be obtained to pass the subject. Should a candidate fail a 100% year mark subject, he/she must re-register and attend classes again as no re-examination and/or supplementary examinations are allowed. (Computer skills is a typical example of a subject where continuous evaluation is prescribed).
  • class attendance and practical assignments may be taken in consideration in the compilation of the year mark.

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The following course are presented at the East Rand Campus:

Commercial Administration3204135
Computer Systems3206009
Cost and Management Accountancy3204139
Electrical Engineering3208072
Graphic Design3203074
Human Resource Management204147
Information Technology3206008
Internal Auditing3204140
Mechanical Engineering3208055
Tourism Management3222015

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