The perfect solution to your qualifications and skills requirements!

The Pelindaba Skills Institute (PSI) and the Technical College of South Africa (TECHNISA) offer the following solutions:

  • affordable theoretical and practical training components;
  • outsourcing of your training;
  • empowering of your students and workers;
  • all training within accredited, recognised systems; and
  • training aligned with the Skills Act.

PSI offers the practical components and TECHNISA the theoretical components by means of distance education.

Students may do the above, either:

  • seperately; or
  • concurrently - as they wish.

By following such a programme, students gain access to:

  • a total, integrated and recognised qualification package;
  • the opportunity to continue to higher levels of qualifications; and
  • an improved chance at obtaining that successful position they have always dreamt of.

Students can choose between:

  • doing the theoretical or practical components first; or
  • staying in the accommodation offered at Pelindaba, doing the two components simultaneously.

PSI is situated close to the Hartebeespoort Dam, Pretoria in a lush and peaceful garden-like setting.  The training facilities are excellent and the lecturers competent and enthusiastic.  PSI embodies hands-on training under ideal conditions, at an affordable price.

Some of the choices are:

  • Structural Steel and Platework Development (Arc welding, Gas welding, Tig welding, Mig welding)
  • Electronic Engineering (Digital, Logic circuits, Microcontrollers: PIC 16C - Intel 8031 - Atmel Analogue, Soldering skills, AC and DC networks, Solid state elements, Operational amplifier circuits, Analogue applications)
  • Industrial Instrumentation ( PLC Programming, Control elements, Instrumentation wiring, Maintenance and calibration)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Turning, Milling)
  • Electrical Engineering (Heavy current applications up to 1000 volts, Domestic and industrial wiring, Faultfinding and upgrading, Short courses designed to client's needs, Full artisan programmes on modular basis)
  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics (Pumps and Mechanical Systems)
  • Food Service Management (Food Technology, Industrial catering)
  • Short Courses (Computer literacy, Computer applications, Operating systems, Motor mechanics, Laboratory assistants, Welding, Water maintenance & repairs, Qualprod)

TECHNISA is the leading distance education technical college in the country, and while using their self-paced study material, students have the power to study how, when and where they are able.  There is continuous support while completing assignments and depending on the structure of the course, students have two to three exam opportunities per year.

TECHNISA offers a variety of courses from ABET level 4/ETS/Grade 9 up to N6 and NSC at very affordable prices in the following fields of learning:

  • Engineering Studies
  • Business Studies
  • General Studies (Educare, Tourism)

The following are also available on demand:

  • Short Courses
  • Entrepeneurship and Small Business Courses
  • Workplace Training
  • Customised Courses

Together PSI and TECHNISA train a new, productive and competent work force!

We have the perfect solution to your
World Of Work!

Please contact TECHNISA for more information in this regard