Outline of N Courses

All N Certificate and Diplomas are issued by the National Department of Education and are recognised by Commerce and Industry. TECHNISA is a distance education technical college offering N level courses, with standard 7 (grade 9) or an equivalent qualification as the minimum entrance requirement.

National Course details

N courses in the technical field offered by TECHNISA range from N1 - N6.  The N1 certificate in Engineering is on a par with standard 8 (grade 10); N3 on a par with standard 10 (grade 12) and N6, the highest level offered by technical colleges, is a post-matriculation qualification.

Students can obtain a National Senior Certificate (matric qualification) by passing four subjects on N3/NSC level, as well as two languages on NSC level.

A student will qualify for a National N Diploma in Engineering Studies on completion of a minimum of 12 subjects, ranging from N4 to N6, together with a minimum of two years in-service training in a related field.

By taking certain prescribed subjects up to N6 level, a student can also qualify to be examined for the Certificate of Competency (Government Ticket) in either an electrical or mechanical engineering field.

Students who have already passed T or S courses at a technikon may apply for possible exemption from certain N subjects.

A student will qualify for a National N Diploma in Commerce or Educare on completion of a minimum of 12 subjects, ranging from N4 - N6.  In the case of Commerce, a minimum of 18 months in-service training in the related field is to be completed after the 12 subjects have been passed.  In the case of Educare, however, this in-service training can be completed simultaneously with the theoretical studies.

TECHNISA also offers bridging courses for students who do not comply with the entrance requirements.  Students can choose between the Elementary TECHNISA Studies (ETS) or the National Certificate in Orientation (NCOR) which enable them to obtain entry to N1/NIC.  Written recognition (in the case of ETS) or a national certificate (in the case of NCOR) is awarded on completion of the prescribed subjects.

Courses offered by TECHNISA

~ Elementary TECHNISA Studies (ETS) or the National Certificate in Orientation (NCOR). This is the equivalent of Standard 7 (Grade 9) and will give you access to further education.

~ Supplementary subjects for the National Senior Certificate (Business Languages).

~ National Certificates: Business and General Studies.

~ National Intermediate Certificate (NIC) and National Senior Certificate (NSC) in the following fields of study:
Educare, Hair Care (NIC Mod. 1 - 3; NSC Mod. 4 - 6), Business Studies and Care of Children/the Aged/the Handicapped in Institutions (NSC only).

~ N4 - N6 : Educare, Travel and Tourism (available in English only), as well as Business Studies.

~ N4 - N6 : Hair Care.
Students enrolled for N4 - N6 Hair Care, will be allowed to complete their studies, but unfortunately new students can no longer enrol for these subjects.

~ National Certificate in Funeral Directing.

~ ABET Educators' Certificate (NQF Level 5) [Available in English only].

~ National N Diploma (N6) in Business Studies.

~ National N Diploma (N6) in Educare.

~ National N Certificate in Engineering Studies N1 - N6.

~ Installation Rules (Wireman's License).

~ National N Diploma (N6) in Engineering Studies.

~ Certificate of Competency for Engineers (Mechanical or Electrical).

~ National Certificate in Paint Technology.

~ National Certificate in Pest Control.

~ Certificate in Combustion Principles and Practice.

~ National Certificate for Power Station Operators (N1 - N3).

~ National Certificate for Production Operators.

~ National Certificate in Water Treatment (N1 -N3).

~ National Certificate in Textile Manufacturing.

~ National Certificate in Mining.National Certificate in Pulp and Paper Making (For SAPPI and MONDI employees only.)

Theoretical and Practical Training

TECHNISA offers theoretical tuition in conjuction with practical components, the latter still to be implemented with regard to certain subjects.  Please contact the head of department concerned for further details.

The necessary practical experience is also gained through in-service training in the student's work situation.

Students who wish to enrol for Business or General Studies subjects, are referred to the relevant brochures, obtainable from TECHNISA, regarding practical work.

Students doing the ABET Educators' Certificate, must complete compulsory practical work.

Please contact TECHNISA for more information in this regard