Distance education at its best


Technikon SA provides support services for all its students, and caters to students from a variety of urban and rural situations.
Students are able to register at the Florida campus or at any of the 23 regional offices throughout the country. Quality study material produced by Technikon SA's own Centre for Courseware Design and Development is sent to the student by registered post.

All Technikon SA's courses are designed so that students can study on their own. Contact sessions provide the opportunity to discuss work with tutors and fellow students. Many students set up study groups with others who live or work near them. The HELP programme has been specially designed to assist first-year students.
In 1997 a peer counseling programme was also developed. Both of these programmes provide support for students who study at a distance and need assistance in coping with this medium of study.

The courses at Technikon SA are drawn up with specific careers in mind, and are market-related. This means that business and industry play a large role in the content of study programmes, gearing Technikon SA courses to produce students who are ready for the job when they qualify.
Technikon education also goes hand-in-hand with work experience. Students are required to gain first-hand experience of the practical skills they will need on the job. And in order to assist unemployed students gain this vital experience, Technikon SA has developed a programme to provide work-related skills.

The main campus of the Technikon is situated in Florida, but students are able to obtain administrative support at any one of the regional offices. Reference books and other resource materials are available at the Gold Fields Library and Information Centre at the Florida campus, or at libraries throughout the country.

Increasingly Technikon SA is making use of technology to assist in student support, and in time to come this will include study material online.