Siminto Electrical Services (Siminto) is an electrical engineering firm offering electrical maintenance, electrical construction and electrical engineering consultation, in the industrial and commercial sector.


Siminto was set up as a response to a shortage of qualified electricians and engineers in the engineering industry. Siminto was set up by Mongezi Dlali, a group small electrical contracting companies, and individual electricians competing in the same geographical area. The partners have a collective experience of 35 years in the electrical industry, ranging from transmission and distribution, to construction, maintenance, manufacturing, consultation and management.

Vision Statement

Siminto’s vision is to gain a profitable market share in the electrical engineering services industry.

Mission Statement

To achieve the above vision, Siminto will have to achieve the following:

• Deliver a profitable return to shareholders.
• Expand service provider and clientele database
• Acquire projects, and deliver within cost, time and specification to clients.
• Design solutions to address customer needs.
• Establish a niche market through continuous research and participation in
the industry.
• Go into partnerships and/or joint venture agreements with experienced
players in the market.
• Adhere to SABS, ISO and IEEE standards.
• Practice good corporate governance and be in good standing with SARS.