Our tests and services are comprehensive and are intended not only to assist better vision, but to ensure total eyecare.

Tests Include:
- Visual examination
- Eye health screening
- Colour vision assessment
- Glaucoma check
- Low vision assessment
- Vision therapy

We have our own fully equipped laboratory at Lombard, Verster & Pheiffer to ensure speedy service.

We do the following:
- Cut and fit lenses to ensure prescision to either your existing or new frames
- Tinting of plastic lenses to meet your specific requirements
- Repairs to both plastic and metal frames
- Heat hardening when required
- One hour service on stock lenses - in case of emergency

We specialise in the fitting of all the various contact lenses available, whether hard, soft, disposable or for correcting asigmatism.

We have a wide variety of frames. We will help you to find suitable frames and do adjustments when necessary. A range of budget frames are also available at an affordable cost.

Operation Brightsight.
Help your neighbour. Please leave your old spectacles with us - it could help those that are less priveleged and cannot afford spectacles.

- We do all minor repairs at no extra cost
- Come and get your contact lens solutions at a very special price
- Free Vision Screening every Thursday